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Brandon Phenix is the Chief Academic Officer of Know Limit Learning Services in Washington, DC. Phenix has demonstrated a deep passion for education throughout his career, working as a certified elementary and secondary school educator, as well as a curriculum developer for middle school, high school, and university programs in the United States and Internationally. As an elementary school teacher with the Teach for America program, he inspired his students by challenging them to strive for success. He has been commended by his peers for his commitment and tireless work ethic, receiving an Outstanding Teaching Award for his efforts. His commitment to developing educators led him to Know Limit Learning Services, where he recruits and guides high-quality tutors that can yield significant impact with all learners. In this series of articles, Phenix explains Know Limit Learning Services’s innovative tutoring model and how one-on-one tutoring can benefit various groups of students.

Who Is the Best Washington, DC, Tutor for Your Child?

Find out what to look for in a tutor and why one-on-one tutoring is best for students of all ages.

Advantages of One-on-One Test Prep

With so much riding on standardized test scores, it’s important to put your best foot forward. Learn about the benefits of one-on-one SAT prep.

Advantages of eTutoring

Find out how eTutoring works and who it can benefit.

Could You Benefit from One-on-One Foreign Language or ESL Instruction?

Learning a new language can open doors to adventure and success. Find out who can most benefit from one-on-one foreign language tutoring.

Summer Learning Opportunities: Combat Learning Loss and Get Ahead

Is your son or daughter losing ground academically this summer? Learn about summer learning loss and what can be done to prevent it.