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Tutoring for Adults & Working Professionals

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How will you help your student succeed? Studies show that students lose 2.6 months of learning over the summer. Contact us today to get a jump start on the new school year! Results 100% Guaranteed.

The Better Business Bureau rates this team of well-educated and highly professional tutors with an outstanding “A” rating.

All Subjects and All Grades. After several years outside of the classroom, going back to school can be a challenging experience. Balancing your commitments at work and your responsibilities at home along with your classwork can be overwhelming, especially when the material is unfamiliar and there is no shortage of distractions. The expert tutors at Know Limit Learning Services are ready to get you the help you need! Our experienced tutors understand what adult learners need, and we can help you lay out a gameplan for success:


All Subjects

The professional tutors at Know Limit Learning Services can assist with any college-level subject, including: Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Computer Science, Engineering, Foreign Languages and beyond.

Keeping Pace in Class

Your tutor will utilize the power of one-on-one instruction to learn your strengths and weakness, identifying any knowledge gaps and re-teaching as necessary. At the same time, your tutor will walk through each project and assignment with you, ensuring new concepts are being mastered as they are introduced.

Tailored to Your Learning Style

As an adult learner, you understand your preferred learning style, and you know what works best for you. Your tutor will teach the material according to your needs, moving at a comfortable pace and working through topics and concepts at your discretion.

Determine Your Own Schedule

Our tutors are available to meet with you any day of the week at any time; at home, the local library, or your place of work, we will work with you to create a schedule that maximizes your success.

Preparation for Exams and Finals

Your expert tutor will help you prepare for exams and finals by modeling study strategies and techniques, ensuring you are ready to perform and get the grade you need.

Connect to Experts Through eTutoring

Our revolutionary eTutoring program allows you to connect to a subject matter expert at any time, whether in the DC metro region or across the globe, for last-minute preparation and flexibility during adverse weather.

The professionals at Know Limit Learning Services have years of experience working with adult learners of all types:

  • College and university students who are struggling with a challenging course
  • Students who are taking a required class and need to pass in order to complete their major
  • Part-time students who have gone back to school and need to brush up on the basics
  • Working professionals who are looking to increase their knowledge base and gain a competitive edge
  • Lifelong learners who want to learn a new skill and expand their horizons

The Know Limit Learning Services team is ready to end the frustration and help you meet your goals. Call one of our Education Consultants today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.