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Traditional Learning Centers

If we compare the Know Limit Learning Services’s services to the traditional center-based tutoring operations, the superiority of the in-home, one-on-one tutoring model becomes obvious. The Know Limit Learning Services Platform matches a highly qualified tutor with a student in the privacy and comfort of their own home or through eTutoring.

Students prefer this stress-free approach to learning as they can progress at their own pace and are free from peer pressure and the embarrassment they often feel in traditional learning environments. By removing the intimidation and fear of failure, students suddenly become comfortable, confident and eager to learn.

Unlike many tutoring programs that require parents to bring their child to a tutoring center, at Know Limit Learning Services we provide students with affordable, professional, one-on-one, individualized tutoring services in the comfort of their own home or through eTutoring. No longer is a parent’s time wasted by dropping off, in traffic, waiting, and picking up their children from a learning center. As well, parents and students with limited transportation are no longer precluded from enjoying the benefits of extra-curricular learning.

Today’s parents also greatly value the flexibility that Know Limit Learning Services provides. Parents are no longer limited to the times dictated by traditional center-based tutoring companies. Lesson times can be arranged to fit into the hectic family schedule without any difficulty. For many families this also means that extra-curricular activities can be more easily coordinated while the student receives the academic support he or she needs.

Traditional tutoring centers teach through multiple student groups with a set curriculum and little time for individualized instruction or help. The one-on-one instruction provided by Know Limit Learning Services is superior to this approach. One-on-one learning has been proven to be the very best way to help children who are behind in their studies, discover the learning styles and methods that can help them catch up.

Our tutors also use a student’s homework as the core curriculum for helping them succeed in the classrooms. Traditional tutoring centers provide very little individualization as they use set curriculum that’s over and above the student’s existing homework. This creates a further burden on a child who’s already behind, by adding to their overall work load.

Know Limit Learning Services’s services cover all grade levels, from kindergarten to university, and incorporate an understanding of different student learning styles. We even provide tutoring for adults. Each in-home tutoring program is custom-designed to meet the student’s specific needs and interests while addressing the underlying foundations of concepts learned. The program fills in missing bricks of academic structure, consolidates that with current expectations, and then moves the student ahead to future requirements.

By working collaboratively with students and parents, Know Limit Learning Services tutors provide the best supplemental, personalized instruction along with the motivation and confidence needed to help students succeed. With a growing market need, and such a superior service offering, it isn’t difficult to see why parents and students find the Know Limit Learning Services offering so refreshing.

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