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Summer Learning Tutoring: Succeed When School Starts!

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How will you help your student succeed? Studies show that students lose 2.6 months of learning over the summer. Contact us today to get a jump start on the new school year! Results 100% Guaranteed.

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Don’t Let Your Student Fall Behind!

Prevent Summer Learning Loss with One-on-One or Online Tutoring

Summer Programs

All Subjects and All Grades. When the school year ends, many students are occupied during the long summer months with day camps, swimming, play dates and vacation. On some occasions they may even be bored. When summer ends, kids go back to school and realize they have forgotten much of what they learned the previous year. They are experiencing a phenomenon called “summer learning loss”.

In fact, studies show that over the summer, kids lose more than 2.6 months of skill. What happens as learning occurs the synapses in the brain strengthen their connection in the areas of learning. When students stop exercising their brains in those areas, those synaptic connections start to loosen. That is why teachers have to spend the first couple months of the school year, just getting their students caught up!

In contrast, if your child works their language and/or math skills over the summer s/he can actually make progress. When school starts in September there will be a marked improvement in comparison to the rest of the class. What an achievement and confidence boost! This is especially important for athletes and other students who are active after school because they have less time available during the academic year to study.

Make a Difference This Summer. Contact our Education Consultants today to schedule a free, no-obligation phone or in-home consultation.

Results 100% Guaranteed. If not completely satisfied, unused hours refunded.

Summer Jump Start

A tutor will work with your child on the academic skills targeted during the free phone or in-home Educational Consultation with your Education Consultant. Your child still gets a summer break as sessions are typically 2 or 4 times a week depending on family choice and goals established at the consult. Give your child a jump start this summer so in September s/he can start school with confidence then do well!

Summer Catch-Up Program

Many students take distance education or summer school courses to complete required courses. Completing a full year of curriculum in a short period of time can be a real challenge. Our tutors can provide the needed support to get through material and understand course content that is going at a faster than normal pace. Start the Fall semester with the foundation to excel.

Summer Reading Skills

  • Phonics
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Study Skills
  • Love of Reading

Program for 4-years-olds and entering kindergartners:
Your child will learn beginning phonics and reading readiness skills, Build comprehension, and develop a love of books and reading. This program lays the foundation for a strong start in reading and school.

Program for entering 1st graders:
In this program, students learn to read independently. Your child will learn phonics and sight words, build comprehension, and gain the skills and confidence needed for success in first grade.

Program for entering 2nd graders:
In this program, students become fluent independent readers. Your child will make significant gains in phonics and word-attack skills, fluency, and comprehension, and will develop confidence and a love of reading.

Program for entering 3rd graders:
In this program, students become strong independent readers. Your child will develop the comprehension, fluency, and long-word decoding skills needed to read longer books with ease, and will build confidence and a love of reading.

Program for entering 4th and 5th graders:
In this program, students make substantial gains in comprehension, long-word decoding skills, and fluency. Your child will complete homework more quickly and easily, be more successful in school, and become a strong, enthusiastic reader.

Program for entering 6th-8th graders:
Students in this program make substantial gains in comprehension. They also learn the best way to read textbooks, take notes, and study for tests. As a result, students complete homework more quickly and easily, get better grades, and enjoy reading more.

Program for entering 9th-11th graders:
Students make substantial gains in comprehension, and learn study skills. Excellent preparation for the SAT, ACT, and college.

Summer School Tutoring

Elementary K-6:
Improve language arts and math skills which are the foundation for all future learning. Learning programs are designed for each person based on their needs and learning style to build competence and confidence.

Middle School (Grade 7-8):
Build the basic skills in math, language arts, science, and social studies. In addition, learning organizational skills are key for middle school students as they move toward becoming independent learners.

High School:
Master prerequisite courses for Math, Science, and English as you learn to apply those concepts to challenging situations. In addition we will work to develop organizational skills and study strategies.

International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement Program:
We will help your student prepare for advanced placement courses by focusing on the skills needed to make the best grades. We will focus on academic writing, organizing an essay, using primary documents, analyzing primary documents/sources, creating and defending a thesis statement. All this while incorporating content for the AP courses you want to focus on including Math, Language Arts, US History, World History, Literature, Language and Competition.

Results 100% Guaranteed.If not completely satisfied, unused hours refunded.

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