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All Subjects and All Grades.

Let the expert tutors at Know Limit Learning Services help you with your science skills to advance your understanding. Our highly qualified science tutors are all ready to help your student achieve academic success in a wide variety of concentrations, including:

  • Earth Sciences
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics

And more!

Whether your student needs help with basic science concepts in elementary and middle school, more advanced high school science, or college level science coursework, we can easily and effectively help you obtain your goals at all levels.

Wanting to understand how the world works starts when you’re very young. Whether its spending hours in the backyard or at the park looking through a microscope for the first time, children love the adventure of learning about the world around them. But when natural exploration transfers to the classroom, sometimes students lose that initial pleasure that came with learning science through individual exploration. Let the experts at Know Limit Learning help your child make that transition! Our professional tutors specialize in working with elementary students to set the stage for success:

Fill in Missing Building Blocks: Through 1-on-1 instruction, our tutors identify each child’s individual needs and focus on mastering key foundational concepts. By filling in the missing building blocks and assisting with daily homework and projects, students are able to improve their grades while keeping pace with their peers.

Understanding the Scientific Process: By understanding the methods involved in conducting scientific investigations, including hypothesis, procedure, control groups, etc., students can take their natural observations to the next level. With the introduction of charts, graphs, and other recording tools and the ability to practice using them, as well as applying mathematics in a scientific context, students will be better prepared to conduct their own research and report on it.

Support for Standardized Testing: Although standardized test scores may or may not directly impact a student’s grades, this information is often used when placing children in advanced programs, or as a determining factor for possible retention. Our expert tutors help students demonstrate their full potential on the SOL (Virginia), MSA (Maryland), or DC-CAS (DC).

No Small Groups, no Repetitive Worksheets: Your child will benefit from interactive, 1-on-1 instruction that is tailored to his or her specific needs, all in the convenience of your own home. Through collaboration with teachers, Know Limit tutors create a customized plan to put students on pace with their peers while reinforcing what is currently happening in the classroom. Similarly, if science fair projects are required, tutors can work alongside each child throughout the entire process, including helping to rehearse the presentation.

Improved Confidence and Independence: As your child progresses with tutoring, you will see increased confidence and improved grades as a love for formal science grows. Understanding common themes in science, including natural processes, physical settings, and living environments, as well as how to set up and execute an experiment ,helps students feel more equipped to tackle science challenges that arise.

The Know Limit Learning team is here to help set your student up for success in science. Call us today to speak with an Education Consultant and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Middle School

Many children struggle with the transition to middle school. The shift from one teacher for all subjects to one teacher for each subject can be challenging to navigate. Exacerbating this situation is the increased difficulty of the course materials. In order for students to excel, organization is a must. Parents often do not have the time to review each homework assignment every night, especially those that focus on concepts that have been long ago forgotten. Inevitably, the evening homework routine becomes a source of frustration for your family, and you begin to worry that your child’s grades will slip. Know Limit Learning Services is the solution you need for your child and your entire family! With our experience working with middle school students, our team will create your family’s unique road map for success:

Academic Coaching: Our expert tutors will coach your child to become independent and self-motivated, focusing on such skills as time management, weekly planning, study strategies and goal setting, all while building up confidence.

Remediate Knowledge Gaps: Our science tutors utilize the power of 1-on-1 instruction to learn each child’s individual strengths and weakness, identifying fundamental knowledge gaps and re-teaching as necessary. At the same time, our tutors go over science projects, classroom assignments, and help study for tests, ensuring the focus in tutoring coincides with that of the classroom.

Prepare for High School Material: Once your child has mastered key middle school science standards (using a computer to organize and compare information; tracing the flow of matter and energy through ecosystems; using mathematical ideas, such as symbols, geometrical relationships, and the use of key words and rules in logical reasoning, in the representation and synthesis of data), a solid foundation will be laid for success at the high school level.
Standardized Testing Support: While standardized test scores may or may not directly impact a student’s grades, this information may be required for application into some high schools or to pass certain classes. Our expert tutors help students receive their best possible score on the SOL (Virginia), MSA (Maryland), or DC-CAS (DC).

Keep the Learning Alive in the Summer: Science can be just as important in the summer when their is no formal instruction. Our tutors can work with your family’s summer schedule to ensure the learning gap actually lessens during these months, and your student returns to school with greater confidence and more knowledge than ever before.

Online eTutoring for Flexibility: Whether you’re tired of a long drive to the tutoring facility or need last-minute support for a big test or final project, our satisfaction-guaranteed e-Tutoring program allows your student to stay in contact with the tutor from anywhere.

Middle school can be difficult for even the most diligent of students; don’t let your child fall through the cracks at this critical moment. Call one of our Education Consultants today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

High School

Like never before, choices made during the high school years can impact your student’s future. High school is an exciting time of independence and forging ahead, but the stakes are high. While some students may be showing more interest in the humanities and the arts, science is still a requirement for many first-year college students. The science tutors at Know Limit Learning will help your student prepare for the next level! Our expert tutors know what teenage students need to be successful in high school and college:

Academic Coaching: In order to prepare for rigorous college classes, our tutors will coach your child to become independent and self-motivated, focusing on such necessary skills as time management, weekly planning, goal setting, and the study skills necessary to ensure success at the next level.

Master Foundational Concepts: Ensuring there is a solid foundation is crucial so the structure does not collapse later. Likewise, science skills build upon each other and must be learned for future success to take place. A basic understanding of science subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics is important in order to navigate each level successfully. Using the power of 1-on-1 instruction, our tutors take time to identify fundamental knowledge gaps and re-teach as necessary, all while keeping pace with daily homework.

Prep for AP, IB and Standardized Tests: Our professional math tutors can help with passing standardized tests – such as the SOL (Virginia), MSA (Maryland), and DC-CAS (DC) – or prepare for AP exams.

Year-Round Learning: Our expert tutors will build upon your student’s progress from the school year by continuing the learning into the summer, giving your student a head start at the next level.

Online eTutoring for Transitional Support: As your student heads off to college in the fall, our revolutionary eTutoring program allows your student to stay in contact with the tutor from anywhere, providing continued support to work through challenges together while guiding your student to academic independence.

If your student is struggling to pass each class, the Know Limit Learning team has the solution your student needs. Call us today to speak with an Education Consultant and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

University and Adult Learners

The science tutors at Know Limit Learning have years of experience working with adult learners of all types:

  • College and university students who are struggling with a challenging course
  • Students who are taking a required science class and need to pass in order to complete their major
  • Part-time students who have gone back to school and need to brush up on the basics
  • Working professionals who are looking to increase their knowledge base and gain a competitive edge
  • Lifelong learners who want to learn a new skill and expand their horizons

Adult learners are distinctly different from school-age students; we understand what adults are looking for, and we know how to find the best tutor for you. The experts at Know Limit Learning are ready to get you the help you need! Our experienced tutors will discuss your goals and lay out a gameplan for success:

All Science-Related Subjects: The professional tutors at Know Limit Learning can assist with any subject, including: Biology, Organic Chemistry, Anatomy, Physics and more.

Keeping Pace in Class: Your tutor will utilize the power of 1-on-1 instruction to learn your strengths and weakness, identifying any knowledge gaps and re-teaching as necessary. At the same time, your tutor will walk through each assignment and project with you, ensuring new concepts are being mastered as they are introduced.

Tailored to Your Learning Style: As an adult learner, you understand your preferred learning style, and you know what works best for you. Your tutor will teach the material according to your needs, moving at a comfortable pace and working through topics and concepts at your discretion.

Preparation for Exams and Finals: Your expert tutor will help you prepare for exams and papers by modeling study strategies and techniques, ensuring you are ready to perform and get the grade you need.

Connect to Experts Through eTutoring: Our revolutionary eTutoring program allows you to connect to a subject matter expert at any time, whether in the DC metro region or across the globe, for last-minute preparation and flexibility during adverse weather.

No matter where you are starting from, the Know Limit Learning team is ready to increase your Science skills and help you meet your goals. Call one of our Education Consultants today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Our results are guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, any unused hours will be refunded.