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Middle School Math Tutoring

The transition to middle school is extremely challenging for many children. Going from one teacher for all subjects to one teacher for each subject can be overwhelming; students are expected to stay organized and manage multiple classes, not to mention keeping up with the increasingly difficult material.

As a busy parent, you do not have the time to review each homework assignment every night, especially when you have to remember math concepts you have not practiced since middle school. Inevitably, the evening homework routine becomes a source of frustration for your family, and you begin to worry that your child’s grades will slip. Know Limit Learning Services can reduce your stress and get things on track!

Based on our experience working with middle school students, our team can provide the solution your family needs:

  • Academic Coaching: Our expert tutors will coach your child to become independent and self-motivated, focusing on such skills as time management, weekly planning, study strategies and goal setting, all while building up confidence.
  • Remediate Knowledge Gaps: Our math tutors utilize the power of one-on-one instruction to learn each child’s individual strengths and weakness, identifying fundamental knowledge gaps and re-teaching as necessary. At the same time, our tutors go over each homework assignment with the student, ensuring new concepts are being mastered as they are introduced in order to keep up in class.
  • Prepare for High School Material: Once your child has mastered key middle school math concepts, such as fractions, decimals, angles, algebraic terms, data graphing and analysis, etc, the foundation will be laid for success in high school math, as well as related subjects such as chemistry and physics.
  • Standardized Testing Support: While standardized test scores may or may not directly impact a student’s grades, this information may be required for application into some high schools or to pass certain classes. Our expert tutors help students receive their best possible score on the SOL (Virginia), MSA (Maryland), or DC-CAS (DC).
  • Keep the Learning Alive in the Summer: In order to build good habits and prepare for the upcoming school year, our tutors will work around your family’s summer schedule to keep your child moving forward and ready for the next level.
  • Online eTutoring for Flexibility: Our revolutionary eTutoring program allows your student to stay in contact with the tutor from anywhere, providing last-minute test support or continued learning when you family is out of town.

Just when middle school student are on the verge of becoming independent, they need more Math Tutoring support than ever to stay focused and on track. Call one of our Education Consultants today to schedule a free, no-obligation phone or in-home consultation.

Results Guaranteed. If not completely satisfied, unused hours refunded.

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How will you help your student succeed? Studies show that students lose 2.6 months of learning over the summer. Contact us today to get a jump start on the new school year! Results 100% Guaranteed.