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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the SUCCESS Leadership Camp?

The program is designed to accelerate the leadership development of 9th-12th graders. Whether you have just graduated high school or are going to be a freshman this fall, the SUCCESS program is for you.  This includes 8th graders who are going to high school next fall.

What is the Know Limit SUCCESS Leadership Camp?

The Know Limit Success program is a unique academic experience that emphasizes hands on leadership development through individual career exploration, implementing your plan post program, and gaining a college admissions advantage.

Career exploration is based on what the student likes to do, not what they like to study.  Students explore options by interacting with successful professionals from a variety of professionals and current students.
Leadership skills are developed by actually implementing your plan after the program with three months of post program coaching.  No other programs gives students this post program advantage.
College Admissions advantages are gained by developing a step by step road map and learning how to reduce out of pocket expenses to save thousands.

Who are Know Limit’s Educators?

We are a team of highly qualified professionals and educators who have life experiences, degrees and advanced degrees, and are trained to work with high school students – both individually and in classroom settings. Our leadership team biographies are in the About Us section of our web page.

What is our proven philosophy and mission?

Our philosophy is that we believe every child can succeed. With over 2,600 colleges in the United States there is a perfect fit for everyone.

Our mission is to change the lives of students and families through academic performance and help them get into the college of their choice. We are committed to significantly improving academic results and building self-confidence for students of all ages to give them a lifetime advantage.

Is there an age or grade level requirement to attend our leadership program?  Yes. The SUCCESS program is designed for students entering the 9th grade through 12th grade.

Are there specific academic requirements to attend, such as a minimum GPA?

The Know Limit curriculum will challenge high-achieving students as well as students who may be struggling academically. Both will be motivated and equipped to succeed. There is no minimum GPA or academic requirement.

What steps does Know Limit take to ensure the safety and security of our participants?

Providing for the safety and security of our students is our first priority. We have a student to staff ratio of 12:1, one of the best in the education industry. We conduct background checks on each staff member, and senior staff supervise all activities. In addition, each educator is certified according to our rigorous training methods on our policies and procedures that emphasize safety and security at all times during the program.

How are students supervised during non-program hours?

Our staff are on-site and on-call 24/7 during the conference. A security check is conducted every night at 10pm to ensure that all students are safely in their rooms.

Is travel to/from Washington, DC included in tuition?

Each student is responsible for their own transportation to and from the Washington, DC area. Know Limit Staff will be available to meet students arriving from out of town at Washington-Dulles International Airport (IAD). Know Limit is available to provide transportation to/from IAD to/from American University via chartered coach bus for $20 each way.

What type of residential accommodations does Know Limit provide?

Students are housed in a secure dormitory on the campus of American University. In addition to student safety and security, the benefits of being on campus include supporting the transition to college and experiencing and provides the benefit of campus life and contributes to college admissions success and supports the transition to college.

When are payments automatically charged to my credit card?

Payment plan payments are automatically charged to your credit card each month after you enroll.  The only deviation is that all payments must be made 30 days prior to the beginning of the program.  Thus, the balance due will be charged thirty days prior to the program.