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Free Consultation – $149 Value

How will you help your student succeed? Studies show that students lose 2.6 months of learning over the summer. Contact us today to get a jump start on the new school year! Results 100% Guaranteed.

The Better Business Bureau rates this team of well-educated and highly professional tutors with an outstanding “A” rating.

All Subjects and All Grades. Our tutors remediate missing foundation building blocks as they assist students keep pace with current class work and exams and teach learning skills that allow students to achieve academic independence.

Tutoring in DC, MD and VA

Our in-home program provides one-on-one tutoring, offering much better value and results than learning centers that generally offer a “One-to-Four” teacher-student ratio. Your child shouldn’t have to wait to learn, and our one-on-one sessions guarantee them the personalized attention they need to succeed. We also know that convenience is important to you. Therefore we eliminate the inconvenience of you having to come to us and instead we come to you.

Know Limit Learning Services uses a variety of well-known books and educational materials to supplement our customized programs but primarily, we leverage the curriculum and text the student is currently working with to ensure the most relevant tutoring is provided while building missing foundation skills. We also work with the student’s teacher and parents to ensure that we are meeting the student and teacher’s expectations.

Current Offering

Know Limit Learning Services is offering a FREE no-obligation professional phone or in-home consultation with our trained and involved Education Consultant. The consultation provides an evaluation of the student’s strengths and challenges. We use this to pinpoint each student’s grade and age performance, allowing us to ascertain their current academic position. This phone or in-home consultation will also help us understand the student’s challenges, so that we can develop the right game plan to help them succeed. Additionally, Know Limit Learning Services uses this information to make a perfect match and to monitor each student’s progress along the way.

Results 100% Guaranteed.If not completely satisfied, unused hours refunded.

CALL OR EMAIL NOW to give your student a bright future! Schedule your free, no-obligation phone or in-home consultation, with one of our expert Education Consultants.

College Admission Workshop. Register online or call your Client Manager to reserve your seat. Compare personal certified tutoring with traditional learning centers.