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The greater Washington, DC area is one of the most cosmopolitan regions in the world. While English is the primary language, it is spoken by more and more people whose first language is something other than English. Know Limit Learning Services has the expert knowledge to help people develop their English as a Second Language (ESL) skills. Through our tailored, one-on-one ESL tutoring approach, we have helped many children and adults acquire English language skills quickly and effectively.

All Levels

The Know Limit Learning team is prepared to help grow your ESL skills in order to help achieve your goals. Call one of our Education Consultants today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Our results are guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, any unused hours will be refunded.


Experts agree that language learning is most effective for children. Therefore, elementary students are at an advantage to learn English more quickly. This is essential for many children, since they need to reach a level of competency in English before they can effectively learn in an English-speaking school. The tutors at Know Limit Learning Services know how to plants the seeds for success with children who are learning ESL. The expert tutors at Know Limit understand what it takes to prepare your child:

  • Rapid Results for Each Student: Your child will benefit from interactive, personalized instruction that is tailored to his or her specific needs, all in the convenience of your own home. By identifying the best starting point and developing a plan for growth, students learn more effectively, making them ready for classroom assimilation more quickly.
  • Support for Standardized Testing: Across the country, standardized testing is a regular part of primary education. If students do not recognize and understand the language, they will be unable to perform at the appropriate grade-level on the various subjects these tests cover. Our expert tutors help students demonstrate their full potential on the SOL (Virginia), MSA (Maryland), or DC-CAS (DC).
  • Using Summer Break as an Advantage: Most students take a break during the summer, and end up in the same place when school begins. Take advantage of this downtime to get your child up to speed! Our flexible tutors will work around your family’s busy summer schedule to keep your child engaged and actively learning, significantly narrowing the gap between your ESL student and his or her peers in just a few months.
  • Improved Confidence and Independence: As your child progresses with tutoring, you will see increased confidence as a greater understanding of the English language develops. With this confidence comes an even more voracious appetite for learning in a variety of different subject matters.

The Know Limit Learning team is here to help set your ESL student up for success. Call us today to speak with an Education Consultant and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Middle School

Many children struggle with the transition to middle school. Not only is the shift from one teacher for all subjects to one teacher for each subject challenging, so is the increased difficulty of the course materials. When you add learning a new language to this scenario, children can become easily overwhelmed. Know Limit Learning Services is the solution you need! Not only do we work to grow your child’s language skills, we also focus on other essential skills that are imperative to success in secondary school:

  • Academic Coaching: Our expert tutors will coach your child to become independent and self-motivated, focusing on such skills as time management, weekly planning, study strategies and goal setting, all while building up confidence.
  • Remediate Knowledge Gaps: Whether English has just been introduced or needs only to be developed further, our ESL tutors utilize the power of one-on-one instruction to learn each child’s individual strengths and weakness, identifying fundamental knowledge gaps in language and re-teaching as necessary. All the while, ESL tutors are also attentive to other classroom subjects, focusing on holistic learning so that students don’t fall further behind while they are working to master a new language.
  • Standardized Testing Support: While standardized test scores may or may not directly impact a student’s grades, this information may be required for application into some high schools or to pass certain classes. Since English is one of the key subjects of the tests, our expert tutors help students receive their best possible score on the SOL (Virginia), MSA (Maryland), or DC-CAS (DC).
  • Online eTutoring for Flexibility: Whether you’re tired of a long drive to the tutoring facility or need last-minute support for a big test or final paper, our satisfaction-guaranteed eTutoring program allows your student to stay in contact with the tutor from anywhere.

Middle school can be difficult for even the most diligent of students; don’t let your child fall through the cracks at this critical moment. Call one of our Education Consultants today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

High School

Like never before, choices made during the high school years can impact your student’s future opportunities. While it is an exciting time of independence and forging ahead, the stakes are high. English is a requirement for first-year college students, and a poor understanding of English can serve as a barrier to your student’s studies. The ESL tutors at Know Limit Learning Services will help your student prepare for the next level! Our expert tutors know what teenage students need to be successful in high school and college:

  • Academic Coaching: In order to prepare for rigorous college classes, our tutors will coach your child to become independent and self-motivated, focusing on such necessary skills as time management, weekly planning, goal setting, and the study skills necessary to ensure success at the next level.
  • Master Foundational Concepts: Ensuring there is a solid foundation is crucial so the structure does not collapse later. Likewise, English skills build upon each other and must be learned for future success to take place. Our tutors can start wherever students are academically and help them grow their knowledge to the next level. Using the power of one-on-one instruction, our tutors take time to identify fundamental knowledge gaps in language learning and re-teach as necessary, while also being aware of classroom expectations and assignments.
  • Year-Round Learning: Our expert tutors will build upon your student’s formal learning progress by continuing the learning into the summer, giving your student a head start at the next level and, if necessary, further bridging the language learning gap for the coming school year.
  • Online eTutoring for Transitional Support: As your student heads off to college in the fall, our revolutionary eTutoring program allows your student to stay in contact with the tutor from anywhere, providing continued support to work through challenges together while guiding your student to academic independence.

The English language can be challenging to master. If your student’s struggles are effecting other classes, the Know Limit Learning team has the solution your student needs. Call us today to speak with an Education Consultant and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

University and Adult Learners

The ESL tutors at Know Limit Learning have years of experience working with adult learners of all types:

  • Immigrants who are learning a new language for the first time
  • Adults who have been in the United States for an extended time but have not met their goals concerning the English language
  • College and university students who are struggling with a challenging course
  • Students who are taking a required English class and need to pass in order to complete their major
  • Part-time students who have gone back to school and need to brush up on the basics
  • Working professionals who are looking to increase their knowledge base and gain a competitive edge

Adult learners are distinctly different from school-age students; we understand what ESL adults are looking for, and we know how to find the best tutor for you. The experts at Know Limit Learning are ready to give you the help you need! Our experienced tutors will discuss your goals and lay out a game plan for success:

  • English for Everyone: We recognize that not every adult ESL student has goals to go to University. At the onset, our tutors listen to your unique desires and needs and establish a game plan accordingly, making sure to provide you with the personalized tutoring that is perfect for your expressed goals.
  • All Academic Subjects: The professional tutors at Know Limit Learning know that a partial understanding of English can not only negatively impact English classes, but others as well. Therefore, we can assist with any subject as desired.
  • Keeping Pace in Class: Your tutor will utilize the power of one-on-one instruction to learn your strengths and weakness, identifying any knowledge gaps and re-teaching as necessary. At the same time, your tutor will walk through each assignment and paper with you, ensuring new concepts are being mastered as they are introduced.
  • Tailored to Your Learning Style: As an adult learner, you understand your preferred learning style, and you know what works best for you. Your tutor will teach the material according to your needs, moving at a comfortable pace and working through topics and concepts at your discretion.
  • Preparation for Exams and Finals: Your expert tutor will help you prepare for exams and papers by modeling study strategies and techniques, ensuring you are ready to perform and get the grade you need.
  • Connect to Experts Through eTutoring: Our revolutionary eTutoring program allows you to connect to a subject matter expert at any time, whether in the DC metro region or across the globe, for last-minute preparation and flexibility during adverse weather.

Beyond becoming language proficient, Know Limit Learning Services ESL tutors provide a level of cultural understanding about the United States. This provides younger children and adults with the confidence to fully participate in life at school and, more broadly, in American society.

Need help to improve your ESL English reading, writing, and speaking skills? Call us today to speak with an Education Consultant and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.