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K-12 College SUCCESS Road Map

Many families figure out college success through trial and error. Some students drop out and never go back while others take five or six years to finish a four year program. Our road map lays out the steps from developing a strong academic foundation through college financing.

Know Limit Learning Services is the leader in providing you the comprehensive K-12 College SUCCESS Solution with expert support at each step. You can gain your lifetime advantage and get into the college of your choice.   Services are designed to be stand alone or to work as an integrated system.

K-12 College SUCCESS Road Map Overview


1. Open Doors with Academic Performance – Tutors ensure that you have a strong foundation of knowledge necessary to earn a good GPA and do well on the SAT and ACT exams. Our tutors are certified to work with learners of all ages, have a proven comprehensive learning method, and deliver services in the convenience of your home. Starting early to build your hidden advantage is one key to having college options.

2. Make the Right Career Choice – Leadership Camp provides skill development through hands-on learning combined with career exploration. Meaningful career exploration helps students make better major / college choices so that students graduate in four years instead of 5 or 6 years. This alone reduces cost 25-50%. In addition, students experience life on a college campus as they set a real world goal, develop a plan, then implement it with three months of post program coaching. Actual implementing your plan could turn out to be exactly the right thing for your college admission essay and interview, about what you did.

3. Navigate the College Admission Process – The process of preparing and applying for college has become overwhelming for many high school students and their families. In addition, financing tuition and living expenses can strain resources. College Admission services supports the entire process from college selection, test preparation, application to college financing.

4. Make the Freshman Year Transition – Through Academic Coaching our tutors can provide a lifeline during that critical first year. Tutors can support their students anywhere in the world through eTutoring to ensure that students successfully transition into college by supporting independent life skills and academic readiness.

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