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The Better Business Bureau rates this team of well-educated and highly professional tutors with an outstanding “A” rating.

All Grades and All Tests for Any Age. More than ever, the process of preparing and applying for college has become overwhelming for many high school students and their families. With multiple forms and deadlines to balance, students can easily lose focus under the pressure, rushing to submit compromised applications that do not adequately demonstrate their full potential. You know how hard your student has worked to get to this point – now is not the time to stumble across the finish line.

Know Limit Learning Services is ready to offer support, provide expert guidance, and ensure your student shines! Our holistic approach offers your child a competitive advantage that focuses on all aspects of the college application and preparation process:

  • Test Prep: Our expert tutors give students the 1-on-1 attention they need to practice proven test strategies while identifying any missing knowledge gaps in order to bring your student up to speed before test day.
  • Application and Essay Writing Assistance: A professional tutor will help your student sift through the required paperwork and collaborate to craft a strong essay that strengthens the application.
  • Interview Tips: With more schools placing an emphasis on the optional in-person interview portion of the application, our tutors will prepare your student with techniques that will leave a powerful impression.
  • Academic Coaching: In preparation for the academic rigors of freshman year, our tutors help lay the foundation for success by developing students’ time management, organization and study skills.
  • Online Support for Continued Success: As your student heads off to college in the fall, our revolutionary eTutoring program allows your student to stay in contact with the tutor from anywhere, providing continued support and guidance to lead your student to academic independence. Naturally in-home support is available if your student attends school in DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia.

As the program unfolds throughout the year, you will begin to see your student’s stress levels decrease as opportunities come into focus and the transition begins.

Call Know Limit Learning Services today to schedule a phone or in-home consultation with one of our Education Consultants and lay out a plan for your child’s future!

Results Guaranteed. If not completely satisfied, unused hours refunded.

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