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Struggle of Students to Survive Rising Tuitions

April 1, 2013

Adapted from NY excerpts.

Tuition rates can be prohibitive.  Prospective students understand this and plan their careers accordingly.  One of the largest factors that can keep them from graduating once they’ve enrolled are tuition increases.  The costs seem to keep rising every semester for students.  Several students admit that it didn’t occur to them – the only thing they thought about was getting in.  One of the students is working two jobs to keep pace with expenses.  She says she’s not sure how she’ll survive in the fall, when tuition may rise again by 9.3%. Instead of considering only tuition when choosing a college, we should remember that prospective students should be wise enough to research a college’s history of tuition increases.

“The students planned for college and got here on one set of financial assumptions, only to find out that game changes every year”, said Mr. Shawn Whalen, the deputy chief of staff of San Francisco State. “I think one of the biggest shocks is when students come in as freshmen and a semester later there’s a fee increase.”

Reaction to another tuition increase at San Francisco State was so intense that the university is helping students sound off on its Student Voices Web site. Administrators hope that California legislators will read the responses, and perhaps reconsider the cuts to education funding that prompt public universities to increase tuition rates.

There are number of testimonials which lay emphasis on the stress and struggle of students due to skyrocketing college fees every year. Some students work as part-timers to survive, others find it really hard to save any pocket money apart from fees.

One of the students, Rebekah, is paying her own way through school .She works as a nanny and has a job at Staples. She uses student loans to pay the rest ,  she said . But if tuition goes up again, she is worried that she will not have money to stay in school.

It is imperative for prospective students to establish a financial plan that assumes a tuition-rate hike during their college years. Families should also research the education funding trends of their state, and gauge economic conditions to plan ahead.