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Useful Tips for a Fruitful Semester

March 29, 2013

By Kirk McLaren, President

As New year pops in, students all across the country commit to fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions to make this upcoming semester their best semester ever.

1. Learn as you go:

This is important, because if you cram for exams you’ll never remember your notes. On the other hand, when you learn DURING a semester and give a class your everything, finals week seems to be much smoother, and you will find yourself less stressed about memorizing a mass amount of new information. Learn as you go, go to class, and review constantly.

2. Frame your own goals:

Goals should be:

  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Your goals need to fit these four criteria in order to be SMART. You want a specific goal that you can reasonably achieve within a certain time frame  This goal should be somehow relevant to your long-term academic/career plans, and you should develop a method to measure your progress. Write down your SMART goals somewhere in your room, and read them aloud every day. It sounds funny, but it will help keep you accountable.

3. Utilize your school’s/college’s resources:

Your school has opportunities available for you, but you have to seek them out. Make the most out of your school’s resources.

4. Care for yourself:

Avoid junk food and street food. Eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, and cereals, and drink healthy drinks.If you can really go all out, consider investing in a juicer and do what I do: drink your vegetables. Juice yourself some celery, kale, apple, and parsley. You will feel a boost of energy and you will be able to concentrate on your work. Besides food, a healthy run, a good book, insightful meditation – even if it’s just an hour a week – is an essential part of successful semesters.

5. Schedule and prioritize work:

Schedule time for your studies, ECE activities , socializing, and rest. If you’re like me, you might find yourself answering emails on your iPhone or iPad while running to a meeting, or answering text messages while eating dinner at the library. You’ll spend a great deal of time attending to other people’s requests, without paying too much attention to how much time you are wasting answering unnecessary texts. So, limit yourself to your work plan.

Nothing can be truer. Your semester will be full of ups and downs. You might get back an assignment that you did poorly on and it may destroy your mood, but remember to thank God for giving you an opportunity to pursue your education successfully. Follow these new and useful tips for a Great Semester!!