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7 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your English

April 23, 2012

By Kirk Wilson, President

It is time consuming to learn English and it can be a very difficult language to learn.  If you or someone you know is struggling to improve their English, try these quick and easy steps.

1.  Write in a journal or diary every day – in English.

Writing about everyday activities involves using common vocabulary.  If you write down what you did, you are strengthening your word usage and practicing writing in English.

2.  Listen to English music while you do housework or chores.

Although music in your own language is familiar and relaxing, try putting on some English music.  Music is one of the best ways to remember words and vocabulary.  It also gives some exposure to the culture.  Choose the music that fits your personality and make sure you can understand the words.

3.  Only search in English.

Set your browser to English so you can search in English.  This will force you to think and search only in English.  Your comfort level will increase as you search more each time.

4.  Supplement your English class with a private tutor.

English classes are good, but a private tutor is better.  The reason is that you cannot hide behind other students or hope the teacher does not call on you.  You are forced to speak and answer each question. Also there is a greater opportunity for you to work on your weaker areas and you can improve them faster.

5.  Teach your child English phrases and words.

One way to learn is to have to teach.  Teach your child phrases in English so you can build up his or her skills too.  Try to make it relevant to what he or she is doing or watching on TV.

6.  Watch films over and over with English subtitles.

The first time you watch a film, you understand what is happening.  The second and third times you can really focus on the language.  This is a good time to ask your private tutor about phrases you don’t understand or ideas about culture.

7.  Read comics in English.

Newspaper comics are quick and easy to follow.  Practice reading them out loud and explain to a friend what is happening in the picture.

Bonus:  Sign up for a English language exam.

Even if you do not need it for employment, paying to take an exam like TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS or FCE can really help you take your study of the English language seriously.

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